A Fiery Flying Roule:

to all the inhabitants of the earth; specially to the rich ones



"My attention was first drawn to the Poinciana by a moving passage from Maria Sibylla Merian's magnificent 1705 Metamorphosis insectorum Surinamensium, wherein she recorded how the African slave and Indian populations in Surinam, a Dutch colony, used the seeds of this plant (which she called the flos pavonis or “peacock flower”) as an abortifacient: “The Indians, who are not treated well by their Dutch masters, use the seed [of this plant] to abort their children, so that their children will not become slaves like they are.” (Schiebinger p.236-237)

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THE PASSIVE COMPONENENTS - lo-lo-lo (so lonely)

lo-lo-lo (so lonely)



George Sandys (1632)

Scenes of instruction, scenes of insurrection, or, From aura to xerox — the case of A FIERY FLYING ROULE

What can you fit on one sheet of paper? & how do you get the copy machine to do it double-sided?

This confessional discussion will describe how tactics of mechanical reproduction developed for the classroom found their way into the streets during the episode history calls “Occupy Oakland” (a.k.a. “the Oakland Commune”), with further reflections on how that praxis continues, inflected and in exile, back in school.

The English word “catastrophe” comes from the Greek kata (down) + strophe (turn). In other words, be sure to place originals face down.



Alice Notley | Don’t Think That Thought It Will Poison This Moment | Disobedience
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Alice Notley | Don’t Think That Thought It Will Poison This Moment | Disobedience

(is this not the most the maximum the peak nina dobrev #reference)

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Rhymes with “list.”

What’s Notley’s sentence from Alma? “we have been interrupted by male urgencies again.” Maybe also by e-mail urgencies. What was Dorn’s line? “E-mail is me-mail.” Sometimes it seems like all it can be made to say is: Me-male. Translate that homophonically into Spanish: mi mal. Then translate that back into English: my bad. Wch sometimes can seem like two of the hardest words to say in any language. Apology: because you can’t actually take back what you said, you instead explain why you wish you could.

(Dorn wasn’t able to, for instance, apologize for the vile homophobia he indulged in in print. Hi digger, I want to say: keep digging. I was grateful to see the Collected reviewd in the LRB, but disappointed that Sinclair chose evade and sugarcoat the controversy over this as someone else’s problem — an error I too made, out of ignorance and stupidity, in my yonder years, a thing for which I have found myself apologizing more than once…)  

To apologize, etymologically, is to back off from one’s words. It requires a counter-apotropaic capacity: not turning away from the thing you’d prefer to avoid, but rather toward it. Brakhage used to mine a pun concerning D.W. Griffith’s “mis-takes”: what the erroneous exposure makes visible is mostly crap but sometimes gold (as I recall he’s working from Griffiths’ account of the birth of the cameo shot, wch resulted from the cameraman leaving a scrap of cleaning cloth attached to the lense). 5 June 2013 ]